Promoting public participation in live television programmes

Promoting public participation in live television programmes

This is one of the goals of the European project AdMiRe, which began on 6 September, funded under the EU Horizon 2020 programme, involving the teams of Josep Blat and of Marcelo Bertalmío, members of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies.


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Currently, television audiences can only interact with the programmes they are watching via social networks or hybrid broadcast broadband TV. In addition, film, television or live broadcast content creators face technical challenges that involve less attractive content. 

AdMiRe will provide solutions that will enable incorporating the public at home into the programme they are watching live and interact with the TV studio

Addressing these two problems is the aim of the project Mixed reality solutions for enhanced TV viewer engagement and more appealing contentAdMiRe, which, funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme, recently held its kick-off meeting on 9 September via videoconference from the premises of Brainstorm (Valencia), project coordinator. AdMiRe will develop, validate and bring innovative solutions based on mixed reality technology. 

The project will develop, validate and bring innovative solutions based on mixed reality technology 

“The project’s key innovation will be to use a mobile phone to capture the viewer, extract him/her from the background and eventually, compose the viewer within the studio images as an object of mixed reality”, explain Josep Blat and Marcelo Bertalmío, members of the UPF Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) and project researchers.

These solutions will enable incorporating the public at home into the programme they are watching live and interact with the TV studio. It will also provide content creators with tools that dramatically improve the immersion of talent and interaction with computer-generated elements. AdMiRe focuses on sectors where the consortium’s main industry partners are key players, thus ensuring the impact of innovation and the use of technology.

Monitoring the project through the major social networks

The project website and social media channels will be the main reference point to showcase the entire development of AdMiRe, in line with the approach of the project. Browsing the site, visitors can get a clear, updated view of the progress of the initiative. From now on, those interested can follow the project via:

Twitter: @ AdRe3d



AdMiRe website:

A consortium of academic and multimedia experts


Brainstorm is a specialist company dedicated to providing industry-leading real-time 3D graphics and virtual set solutions for broadcast, feature film production and corporate presentations.


Disguise drives the world’s biggest musical events, is an integral part of theatre institutions, enables state-of-the-art television studios and live broadcasts, is in the heart of spectacular live events, and empowers facilities worldwide.


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is Norway’s largest university. The NTNU is based in Trondheim, with campuses in Gjovik and Alesund.


EPFL is one of the two federal technical schools in Switzerland, based in Lausanne. EPFL has a large number of activities in multimedia and applied signal processing with unique expertise and infrastructure for research and innovation into coding, processing, and media security. EPFL is regularly placed among the best universities in the world.


Public university founded in 1990. A top Spanish university according to several indices and 10th best young university in the world (Times Higher Education Ranking 2020). The Department of Information and Communication Technologies coordinates 66 FP7 projects and 24 H2020 projects. 60% foreign researchers, from 48 countries, 15 ERC grants (the largest number in Spanish university departments).


NRK is Norway’s public radio and television broadcaster and the country’s largest media organization. NRK has three national television channels and three national radio channels broadcasting via DVB-T, cable, satellite, IPTV, FM and DAB.


Premier Sports is the leading premium sports TV channel in the UK and Ireland. Premier Sports was launched in 2010 to broadcast premium sports content to the public in the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Romanian Television is a public institution that has six different channels: TVR 1, TVR 2, TVR 3, TVR International and TVR HD. TVR covers major news events nationwide through its five regional studios: Cluj, Craiova, Iaşi, Timişoara, Tirgu Mureş.






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