Research, the heritage of everyone at the European Night of Research in Catalonia

Research, the heritage of everyone at the European Night of Research in Catalonia

An informative activity this year led by the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the participation of several research groups of the University including the Reactable, an instrument created by the Music Technology Group. It will be held on the night of 28th with several parallel events on 29th September.


Devised to bring science and technology closer to the general public, the EuNightCat project seeks to gather researchers from throughout Catalonia on Researchers’ Night, which is to be held across the continent on Friday 28 September. In addition, around this event, throughout Catalonia a wide range of educational activities are scheduled under the theme “Research, the heritage of everyone” on 28th and 29th September.

Researchers’ Night is held in 300 European cities and is part of the European Commission’s H2020 programme

Young Researchers’ Night at CosmoCaixa

CosmoCaixa is organizing the Young Researchers’ Night with a special night-time programme at which research comes out of the lab and where those attending can get to know and interact with the Reactable, a musical instrument created by Sergi Jordà, Marcos Alonso, Günter Geiger and Martin Kaltenbrunner of the UPF Music Technology Group. At CosmoCaixa, on Friday 28th September 2018, from 7pm to midnight.

Also, from 7.30pm to 8.30 pm and from 9.30pm to 10.30 pm, there will be a demonstration of the Reactable (UPF-Phonos) on floor -5, next to the pendulum at CosmoCaixa. And lastly, the Reactable will be participating in the final concert of the 2018 climatic fiction contest “Light in the Waves of Change”.

Research Morning at primary and secondary schools

On Friday 28th September in the morning, within the framework of the Research Night, research staff from research centres, universities and companies in Catalonia will give a talk at a primary or a secondary school. Several researchers from UPF will be taking part giving the following talks:

  • India and Pakistan: independence and partition, 1947, Teresa Segura-Garcia (GRIMSE, UPF)
  • Insecurity and inequalities in the labour market: how serious is the tragedy? Mireia Bolibar (DCPiS, UPF)
  • Speak with your hands and listen with your eyes: Sign language, the acquisition of language and the brain, Gemma Barberà Artemiria (GLIF, UR-Ling, UPF)

Scientific Corner, science microchats

7-minute talks that will take place in ImaginCafé (C/ Pelai, 11. Barcelona), from 6pm to 7pm on 28 September. Talk:

The social function of language, Cristina Baus (CBC, DTIC, UPF)

Research Morning at Sagrada Família Library

On Saturday 29 September, in the Function Room of Sagrada Família Library (C/ Provença, 480. Barcelona), from 10am to 10.45am. Talk:

Bilingualism, exercise for the brain? Marco Calabria (CBC, DTIC, UPF)

Researchers’ Night is held in 300 European cities and is part of the European Commission’s H2020 programme  Researchers’ Night in Catalonia is being promoted as one of the Marie Curie actions to boost careers in science in Europe, and this year’s organizing committee is made up of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the University of Barcelona, the University of Girona, Rovira i Virgili University, the University of Lleida, and the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), to which the UPF Group’s CREAL belongs. 

Programme of activities for Researchers’ Night in Catalonia


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