The doctoral program Translation and Language Sciences



The doctoral program Translation and Language Sciences consists of a period of doctoral research. Students who have completed a research master’s program and other students in analogous situations(*) may start their doctoral research in one of the following ten research lines, associated with research groups in the Department of Translation and Language Sciences (DTCL) and in the Institute for Applied Linguistics (IULA):

Translation Studies DTCL
Specialized Translation DTCL
Reception and Literary Translation DTCL
Discourse Analysis DTCL
Language Acquisition DTCL
Language Learning DTCL
Lexicology and Lexicography IULA
Terminology and Knowledge Management IULA
Formal and Descriptive Linguistics and Variation DTCL-IULA
Computational Linguistics and Language Engineering DTCL-IULA

The program welcomes industrial doctorate projects in the corresponding research areas that are supported by the Government of Catalonia under the Industrial Doctorates Plan.

The doctoral program includes a number of training activities that must be carried out to complement the student's specific thesis-related research work. During the first year, the training activities include at least the participation in two taught doctoral seminars. Also, by the end of the first year students must produce their Research Plan, which must include a statement and justification of the intended research goals, a description of the methodology to be used, and a work plan (material means and time frame) that ensures viability.  


(*)In addition to people who have obtained a research master's degree, people who have a Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) or other types of master's degrees can also apply for admission to the doctoral program, subject to the conditions set up by the University (more information).

Coordinator of the Doctoral program: Toni Badia


For the 2014-2015 academic year, the Department of Translation and Language Sciences (DTCL) at the University Pompeu Fabra is offering pre-doctorals contracts

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