An introduction to Facial Action Coding System (FACS) a cÓrrec de Laura Vincze

The seminar aims to provide a general overview of FACS, a research tool designed by Ekman & Friesen (1978; 2002) to code all observable movements in the facial region. The FACS is a detailed, technical guide that explains how to categorize facial behaviors based on the muscles that produce them, i.e., how muscular action is related to facial appearances. Each observable component of facial movement is called an Action Unit (AU) and all facial expressions can be broken down into an AU.

The aim of the seminar is helping participants to recognize the momentary changes in facial appearance (manily in the upper face) and score such changes in terms of Action Units (Aus). After a detailed explaination and illustration of such changes in the facial appearance, the participants will be invited to practice scoring on a set of pictures.