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Enrolling on a doctorate programme

The five steps to take to enrol on a doctorate programme at UPF are as follows:

1Check that you meet the admission requirements and that you have the documents which are needed for the doctorate degree

Information on admission requirements and the documents you must submit can be found in the Admission requirements section of each doctorate's degree programme's web page.

In addition, UPF's Admissions Office may ask for a certificate, issued by the university from which you graduated, stating that your qualification entitles you to take a doctorate's degree programme in your country of origin.

2Apply online

    1. Go to the Application app (links appear below in this section), provide all the information requested and upload the required documents.

    2. Pay the non-refundable enrolment fee (€30,21). If you have any problems using your credit card, click on Defer payment to put off paying the fee until a later point.

Apply here if you have never studied at UPF.

Apply here if you are a current or former UPF student, or have already registered on the Admissions website.

3Check your application status

Check your application status

IMPORTANT! Before the end of each application processing period (as indicated on the calendar below), you must check your application's status via the Application app. To gain access to that end, enter the same username and password you used when you made your application. 

Application and admission calendar: academic year 2015-2016 Calendar

Application statuses

Your application's status will be one of the following:

Validated by the administration
(Admissions Office)

Your application is complete and you meet the doctorate's degree programme's admission requirements. Nonetheless, your application has still to be evaluated by the academic committee of the department, faculty or university institute organizing the programme. 

Pending application process Your application is complete, the application processing period is finished and your application is being evaluated by the academic committee of the department, faculty or university institute organizing the programme.  
Incomplete application

You have failed to submit required documents and/or to pay the enrolment fee (€30). Your application will be evaluated in the next processing period, as long as you upload the relevant documents and/or pay the fee. 

Rejected application

You do not meet the programme's admission requirements. 

The academic committee of the department, faculty or university institute organizing the programme will only evaluate your application once it has received administrative approval from UPF's Admissions Office.

Final application status publication dates

Check the application and admission calendar. The doctoral programmes in Law and in Communication  have a specific admission period. 

Admission statuses

Once the doctorate's degree programme's academic committee has evaluated your application, your status will be one of the following:

Access granted

You have been admitted to the programme.* 

On waiting list

You will automatically be considered in the next application processing period. 

Rejected application 

The department, faculty or university institute organizing the programme has opted not to select you for a place on it. 

*Final admission to the programme is subject to you providing the original versions of the documents you have uploaded.

4Submit the original documents (September) 

Final admission to the doctorate's degree programme is subject to verification of the documents you have uploaded (those referred to in step 2).

To that end, you must provide the secretariat (the address of which can be found on the programme's web page) of the department, faculty or university institute organizing the programme with the original versions (or certified photocopies) of the documents you uploaded when making your application. This is to be done in September 2015, before you enrol. You will not be allowed to enrol on the programme if you have not submitted your original documents.

5Enrolment (October)

In September, the secretariat of the department, faculty or university institute organizing the doctorate's degree programme will contact you by email or telephone to arrange for you to attend an enrolment tutorial with the programme's coordinator (where you will make decisions regarding subjects, tracks, etc.). After the tutorial, you must enrol online. The enrolment period is usually in October (from 1 to 10)

The secretariat will also inform you of when (date and time) and where the programme will begin.

If you have any queries related to the six steps involved in enrolling on a doctorate programme, please contact UPF's Admissions Office:

Telephone: (+34) 93 542 15 16

If you have completed all these steps, you are now officially a UPF doctorate student. Congratulations and welcome.