About DHES Network

main_head_ceThe Red DHES is a network composed of 10 universities - Latin American and European - aimed at improving the quality, the relevance and the accessibility of higher education in Human Rights (HR) in Latin America. Our philosophy consists of working for the strengthening of Human Rights in, from, and for the Universities. We highlight the development of thought that should have an impact on socities.

We work at training graduates to be sensitive to the defense and promotion of HR , capable of developing public policies and mechanisms of protection and promotion of HR. Additionally, we pay special attention to the issue of the access of vulnerable groups to higher education and their permanence in the system with the final goal of promoting social cohesion in the societies in which our universities are located.  

These tasks will be fulfilled through workshops for training  professors, seminars, the production of teaching material on Human Rights, the conclusion of agreements with public institutions and non-governmental organizations etc. The three main fields of action of our work are the multilevel system of Human  Rights' protection, the Human Rights of vulnerable groups, and the design of public policies regarding Human Rights.