Meeting in Valdivia


The DHES Network's event in Valdivia was a three-day meeting that took place from April 9 onwards at the Austral University of Chile. In this event, the initative focused on analysing vulnerable groups' human rights.

The DHES Network has put forward a wide range of conferences concerning different fields. In this respect, the event analysed child and youth's human rights and its protection, the first day; equality and human rights with regard to handicapped people, the second day; gender and indegenous, Afro-descendent peoples, on April 11th; and, eventually, the participants assessed the link between human rights and sexual diversity, the last day.

The conferences, within the framework of the meetings organized by the DHES Network, had similar structure. In this respect, some lecturers forwarded conferences to contextualize with a general understanding of the topic; meanwhile, others assumed the International System's perspective; and, lastly, other participants provided the American System's.

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Meeting documents

Description                        Author Link
Assegurando o gozo dos direitos em condições de igualdade: direitos humanos das pessoas com deficiência J.C. Monteiro Download
La discapacidad en el sistema interamericano R. Bregaglio Download
La protección del desplazamiento forzado interno de minorías étnicas en Colombia  S. Rubiano Download
Género y Derechos Humanos UTA Download
La protección de los DDHH de la niñez y la adolescencia A. Morlachetti Download