New image gallery of the last meetings: Barcelona, Belém and Lima.

image_gallery_bannThe DHES website launches its own image gallery. In this site you will be able to see and download the photos regarding the various meetings of the DHES Network. Currently, you will find the conventions that took place in Barcelona, Belém and Lima. You can access this area from the main page, as well as using the menu on your left. Furthermore, the Events section has been updated (now including the upcoming meetings along the following months), adding information, attached documents and the access to the image gallery. 

More updates

On the other hand, we have added a new map on Information on Human Rights. You will find the most relevant legal Hi podràs trobar un recull dels texts in order to understand the state of Human Rights in the countries taking part in the DHES Network, with regard to Constitution, Supreme Court, International Treaties or Ombudsman, among many other aspects. You can also access this section from the menu on your left.