Brasilia University opens admissions for its Posgraduate Programme in Law


Brasilia University has recently opened registration to receive the applicants documentation. The UNB offers an itneresting sutyd programme within a Masters or a PhD in Law.

The UNB's Posgraduate Programme is based on a wide and diverse understanding of the current challanges in the frame of the Constitutional State and contemporary societies, as well as a deep analysis of the theoretical approaches that are useful to understand them. Social complexity seems to require certain interdisciplinarity, providing an open analytic approach capable of reviewing traditional concepts and defining new perspectives. In this regard, The UNB's Programme provides a rich, plural content that integrates Constitutional Law, Constitutional Theory, Foundamental Law, State Law, Political Philosophy and Sociology of Law, among others.

Moreover, Brasilia University offers a wide range of research specializations. Specifically, UNB puts forward five fields: "Judicial Pluralism", "Constitution and Democracy", "System of Justice, Human Rights and Education", "Globalisation, Transformation of Law and Economics", "Individual rights, process and Roman origins". In any case, these pathways share a core content.

This Posgraduate Programme is composed by a Master and a PhD. You can check out more information on the selection process, requirements and deadlines in the links below.

    .pdf Brochure on the Postgraduate Programme
    Website of the Postgraduate Programme
    Website of the Law Faculty (UNB)