YACHAY human rights contest

The YACHAY human rights contest is organized by the PUCP every year. It is aimed at universities in the Americas. The competition will be held from 9 to 13 September in Lima.


The competition consists of a simulation of the Inter-American Court, leading to academic debate and reflection around topics related to the International Law of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. In a hypothetical scenario, the teams may develop analysis of the major substantive and procedural aspects of the Inter-American System of Human Rights Protection. The teams will be configurated from the participating universities, consisting of two undergraduate students and a instructor designated by the university.

Scholarships for students from Bolivia and Ecuador

The Regional Delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru has made available a fund Contest to promote the participation of Bolivian and Ecuadorian university in the seventh edition of human rights "Yachay". The scholarship board of selection will be conducted by the Institute for Democracy and Human Rights of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (ideh-PUCP).

Website of the contest | More information on the scholarships granted by the Red Cross