Seminar on Human Rights Clinics

main_head_ce The ALFA-DHES network organizes a seminar on Human Rights Clinics in Belém (Brazil) that will take place from December the 10th till the 14th. The event will consist of a series of activities within in two main areas: workshops and roundtables. These activities will include the participation of representatives of all universities and institutions taking part in the Alfa-DHES network.

There will be six simultaneous workshops, with a duration of 15 hours. Each university will have a workshop participant, who will receive materials in advance and a hypothetical case to be presented at the end of the workshop. Each workshop will seek to develop different proposals for the clinics, such as the preparation of amicus curiae briefs, petitions, reports production or the development of training courses on Human Rights.

Workshop 1.1: Work methodology in HHRR Clinics: Unidas
Workshop 2.1: Education on HHRR: UTA, UFPB
Workshop 1.2: Indigenous Rights: PUCP, UAJMS
Workshop 2.2: CI's Jurisprudence: Paris I, UACH
Workshop 1.3: Social inclusion: UDP, UnB Workshop 2.3: Enviornmental Rights: UFPA

On the other hand, the roundtables will cover different topics: clinical education on Human Rights organization and forms of achievement, strategic litigation, funding and best practices.

+ ATTACHEMENTS Seminar on Human Rights Clinics in Belém (.pdf)