CONFERENCE: After your PhD... wake up and face reality!

The Center for Learning Innovation and Knowledge (CLIK) and the Doctoral School invite you to this conference:

After your PhD... wake up and face reality!

Doing a PhD implies an enormous personal effort. It's a titanic enterprise! But what happens once you are done? For many, the "post-thesis submission" moment is like awakening from a dream, and they feel disoriented when facing reality and expectations are not always met.

Probably you have already asked yourself some of these questions: 

Is there a job waiting for me? 
Is "my" topic the key to great research career? 
Did I learn what I needed to learn to develop my research career?
Should I move to another country?
Should I apply for a post-doc scholarship? Which one? When? Where?

So many questions.... And nobody provides answers. It can be really tough. 

Date:    Thursday, December 1 st
Time:  from 10:00 to 12:00 hours
Classroom:  40.010 (Roger de Llúria building, Ciutadella Campus)


The speaker,  Dr.  Roberto Suarez obtained his PhD in Social Communication at the  UPF in 2009. Since then, he has emigrated, had a Marie Curie Fellowship to do a post-doc, and finally changed his career path and left academia. He continues doing research, but now works for a private company in Switzerland. And he claims being more, productive, encouraged and happy than ever before. He will share his insights about what to do once you finish you PhD, and he will conduct a lively discussion. Be ready to make questions!

This event is especially recommended for PhD students and Postdoctoral Researchers, and it  will be taught in English.