Gema Revuelta talks about the commitment of the UPF with the Public Engagement

Today Gema Revuelta, director of Studies Center for Science, Communication and Society, Pompeu Fabra University (CCS-UPF), has talked about " Powerful Public Engagement - making an impact at UPF" at the  Discover the W100 in Spain conference hosted by the University of Navarra, Pamplona.  This conference aims to explore issues of reputation from a country specific perspective and engage new members. It also deals with topics such as communicating Spanish research, impactful public engagement, representing Spanish excellence in Europe and brand amplification through location.

Discover the W100 in Spain - Universidad de Navarra

Gema Revuelta spoke on behalf of the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF). It is a pioneering university in Europe in the promotion of public engagement and the rapprochement between society and the university community. The three campuses of the university are not only integrated urbanistically in the physiognomy of Barcelona but are authentic nodes with a constant established exchange between the university community and the citizenship through public engagement activities and the University networks.

Researchers, professor, students and all who are part of the university community must know the needs, values and expectations of society since the university has a social responsibility that must be present in all actions. In this sense, the public engagement actions of the UPF are very much in line with the concept of  Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

The  World 100 Reputation Network  is a group made up of the best universities in the world, undertaking research that enhances professional activity in and around reputation management, international relations and strategy. It now comprises  50 members spanning  19 countries, an international diversity that makes the Network highly valuable. Although global in outlook, the Network offers members the opportunity to become part of 'local' community existing to share good practice, transfer knowledge and overcome common challenges.