The DCEXS joins the first Youth Mobile Festival in Barcelona

YOMOIn the framework of the Mobile World Congress, for the first time the GSMA Ltd. is celebrating the Youth Mobile Festival Barcelona (YoMo Barcelona), a festival aimed at inspiring children and young people and helping them to better understand the STEAM careers - Science, Technology, Engineering, Design/Art and Maths. YoMo, which will be held from 27 February to 2 March at the Montju´c venue of Fira de Barcelona, is expected to receive more than 20,000 children aged between 10 and 16 and will welcome more than 100 stakeholders from the STEAM sectors, among which will be the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences.

During the four days of the festival, the   Neuropharmacology Laboratory will offer an interactive workshop where, through microscopic observations of real brain samples and a neural staining activity, participants will be able to see how drugs affect the brain and learn how research into neurology is carried out.

On Monday, neuroscience expert Fernando Girßldez, head of the Ear Development Research Group, will give the talk " Unveiling the mysteries of music in the brain", which will be accompanied by audio-visual demonstrations to illustrate how the brain processes sound and generates the attraction to the music.

Chick Development - UPFRafael Maldonado, an expert in addictions and professor of Pharmacology at UPF, will give the talk " Let's talk about drugs" on Thursday, explaining what addictive disease is and what the effects of substances of abuse on the nervous system .

Finally, the Research Group on Developmental Biology at UPF will participate in the BioJunior interactive stand and will show the embryonic development of animals through the visualization of in vivo chick embryos and zebrafish.