Procedure for handling found items

What should we do if we find a lost item ?

Found items should be brought to the reception desk for the campus where they were found.

What  happens with the lost item ?

  • All found items must be logged.
  • When an item enables identification of the owner, the campus management will try to contact the owner so that he or she can retrieve it.
  • Any item containing food or organic remains will be thrown out within 48 hours as organic waste.
  • Notes, whether stapled or not, will not be considered found items. Instead they will be kept at the reception desk for the duration of the current term and thrown out upon conclusion thereof.

What should we do if we have lost an item ?

  • To request the return of a lost item, the owner must complete and submit this form.
  • In order to retrieve an item, the owner must show his or her Spanish ID card (DNI), passport or driving licence, provide a brief description of the item, and indicate the place and approximate date on which it was lost. If someone other than the owner will be retrieving it, he or she must provide written authorization from the owner and a photocopy of his or her DNI. Once the item has been retrieved, the retrieval will be logged in the program.

Which is the deadline to claim an item ?

Found items will be kept for three months. If the item is not claimed in this period, the University will dispose of it as it sees fit, depending on the type of item.