Cafeteria and refectory

UPF has three catering facilities - on the Ciutadella campus and on the Poblenou campus-, managed by the company Corebar SL, certified by AMED granted by the Public Health Agency of the Government of Catalonia. The restaurant on the Mar campus, run by the company Clece SA, also has this accreditation.

AMED certification is granted to establishments that can accredit Mediterranean food, and its aims include using and promoting the Mediterranean diet in the field of catering, so that customers can eat healthily outside the home: among others, abundant consumption of plant foods; low consumption of animal products both in quantity and frequency, and moderate consumption of poultry and dairy products.

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The Ciutadella campus -Jaume I and Roger de Llúria buildings-, Mar campus and Poblenou campus -Roc Boronat building- have a cafeteria and refectory. These buildings and the Mercè building have vending machines selling a variety of food and drink.

The company Concesiones de Restaurantes y Bares, SL (Corebar, SL) renders its services to the Ciutadella campus and the Poblenou campus, by administrative concession; and Clece, SA does so on the Mar campus, under the same concession.


  • Ciutadella campus: 93 542 16 15 (cafeteria)
  • Poblenou campus: 93 542 24 35 (cafeteria)
  • Mar campus: 620 49 99 93 (cafeteria)

Opening times

  • Ciutadella campus: from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Poblenou campus:
    • at square level: from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday
    • at lecture room level (floor -1), with refectory service: from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Mar campus: from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday

During July and August, the timetable is from 7.45 am to 5 pm.

During exam periods, during three consecutive weekends, the cafeteria of the Roger de Llúria building is open, offering full service, from 10 am to 7. pm.

Services and products available

Those typical of a cafeteria. There is a different set menu each day of the week, offering a choice of three starters and three main courses; there is always a diet dish. For dessert there is a choice of fruit and dairy products. You can choose the "half-set menu" option (a first or a second course plus a drink and a dessert) as well as mixed platters.

For legal reasons it is forbidden to sell tobacco products and alcoholic drinks over 20º.


Prices on Mar campus

Prices on Poblenou campus and Ciutadella campus

Suggestions book

Each cafeteria is provided with a suggestions book where customers can air their opinion concerning the service received and make any comments they deem suitable.

Your written suggestion must include your name and the group to which your belong (student, lecturer, PAS, external personnel).

Sport and health food vending machines

All campuses have a sport and health food vending machine, serviced by the company Servimax-Sport, SL.

They are located:

  • Ciutadella campus: Roger de Llúria building, multipurpose student hall.
  • Poblenou campus: Gutenberg square (cafeteria).

The following product line is available:

  • Sport food: liquid and solid, for before, during and after sports activity.
  • Health foods: chocolate bars, yogurts, toffee.
  • Ice creams.
  • Organic juices.

Vending machines (procedures)

If a vending machine is faulty, or if you incur a problem related with a machine, please phone one of the following:

  • Mercè: reception (ext. 2001)
  • Ciutadella: cafeteria (ext. 1615)
  • Poblenou: cafeteria (ext. 2435)
  • Mar: cafeteria (620 49 99 93)