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Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions

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Patricia Santos is a Ramón y Cajal fellow at UPF.

Throughout my professional career, the quality and innovativeness of my work has been recognized with many awards and publications. I have consistently positioned my research in the field of Technology-Enhanced Learning with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and Learning Design. 

In 2011 I obtained my PhD with an Excellent Summa Cum Laude (Best Phd Thesis Award – Potential for transference, UPF Board of Trustees). 

From 2013 to 2016 I was a full-time post-doc researcher, at the University of the West of England (UK), with a career interruption in 2015 due to maternity leave. 

My research career has been developed in the context of competitive and multidisciplinary international research projects. I have publications with 77 international researchers, see: I have worked in R+D+I projects with academic and industry partners across different countries in Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Romania, Denmark, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Portugal ) and other countries such as Chile and Israel. Relevant past projects are: Learning Layers funded by the EU FP7 program with 12 Million EURO (workpackage co-lead); TENCompetence funded by the EU FP6 program with 13,5 Million EURO (task leader).

In the last three years, I have generated grant funding of more than 2,5 Million EURO in total (300000 EURO assigned to UPF) for European projects that I actively contributed to wrote proposals for.

I am the project manager and research leader of the D-TIPS Erasmus+ project (budget: 225000 EURO). Workpackage leader of two projects: CS-Track H2020 (budget: 2,2 Million EURO) and ‘Courage’ Volkswagen Foundation (budget: 1,5 Million EURO). Task leader of  TROMPA H2020 (budget: 3 Million EURO).

I have been involved in the design and development of diverse learning technologies, main ones are: Questinsitu: an authoring tool and mobile app designed and built to support assessment in situ activities  (finalist app of the 13th edition of the BDigital Global Congress); TenCompetence Learning Design Toolkit (IMS award in the category of “Most Innovative New Realization of Standards”); Confer: online collaboration spaces for working groups; ILDE+ Makers a les Aules: a Learning Design community platform to support Maker activities; Empatheia: an online game to support Design Thinking in primary schools; Soele: a SEL learning design evaluation tool.




2021 - Ramón y Cajal fellowship. Ministerio de ciencia y innovacion, Spain.

2017 - I received the accreditation by the national ANECA agency in the following categories of teaching: Doctor contracted lecturer, Doctor assistant lecturer (public universities) and Lecturer teacher (private university).

2012 - I am accredited as Lecturer teacher by the AQU agency (Agencia Catalana per la Qualitat de l’Educació Universitaria / Quality of Catalan Higher Education institutions Agency)


Teaching experience and coordination of subjects:

2007 – 2013 && 2017 – Currently

Engineering school (UPF) Since 2017 I have been coordinator teacher of the Introduction to the Information and Communication Technologies subject (2017 - 2020), and the coordinator of the Computer Organization subject (2017 – 2018). I also have teaching experience doing Labs, Seminars and Theory in different subjects (Human Computer Interaction, Programming fundamentals, Data Bases, Technical management of projects) in the Polytechnic Engineering school, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) - more than 200 ECTs.

Master Studies (UPF) Member of the coordinator team of the course Adaptive Behavior (2018-2019, 2019-2020).

2012 –2015 && 2017 - Currently - Collaborator lecturer, Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunication studies (e.g. Human Computer Interaction course, Final Project UX, etc), Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). Computer Science Degree and Postgraduate levels.


Thesis supervised and mentoring activities:

Currently 3 PhD Thesis co-direction (with Prof. Davinia Hernández-Leo), Department of Information and Communication Technologies (UPF).

Currently 3 Master Thesis co-direction, Department of Information and Communication Technologies (UPF).

2018 – 2019 1 Master thesis co-direction, Department of Information and Communication Technologies (UPF). See:

2013 – 2016 Progression exam reviewer for UWE postgraduate researchers in the Department of Education and Childhood, Faculty of Arts, Creative Industries and Education.

2012 – currently: UOC – Supervisor of more than 25 Final Degree projects and Postgraduate projects. Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunication studies (see detail of number in my CV)

2009 – 2013 Supervisor of 10 Final Degree projects of the Computer Science studies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra