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Animal and Human Rights. Two Days with Peter Singer

Animal and Human Rights. Two Days with Peter Singer

A conference on Animal and Human Rights, with Peter Singer


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On June 9-10, 2022 took place the event Animal and Human Rights. Two Days with Peter Singer, hosting Peter Singer and a number of other scholars and researchers.

The event included the screening of Persona (no) humana, a documentary on the Habeas corpus of chimpanzee Cecilia and orangutan Sandra co-directed by Alex Cuellar and three book presentations: Los derechos de los simios (Paula Casal and Peter Singer), El asno de oro (Peter Singer) and Un paso adelante en defensa de los animales (Oscar Horta).

During the event, several researchers and scholars discussed relevant topics regarding animal and human rights:

Peter Singer, Paula Casal and Macarena Montes discussed "Nonhuman Personhood". Felix Pinkert, Peter Singer, and Andrew Williams talked about "Demographic Change, Poverty, and the Environment" and Oscar Horta, Catia Faria, Eze Paez and José Tarín discussed "Longtermism and animals". 

The event was co-organized by the UPF-CAE, the Law and Philosophy Research Group, ICREA, Great Ape Project and the Global Public Reason. Human Rights, Democratic Legitimacy and Demographic Change Research Project.

The program of the event can be downloaded here.


Núria Almirón, Peter Singer, Paula Casal, Macarena Montes and Marta Tafalla.


Peter Singer, Paula Casal and Macarena Montes discuss nonhuman personhood.


Alex Cuellar, co-director, answers questions about the documentary Persona (no) humana.

Catia Faria, Eze Páez, Jose Tarín and Oscar Horta discuss longtermism and animals.





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