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Núria Almiron at the CfHAS series

Núria Almiron at the CfHAS series

Talking on "Why climate crisis rhetoric is not helping animal advocacy"



On 7 April 2022, Núria Almiron, co-director of the UPF-Centre for Animal Ethics, talked on "Why climate crisis rhetoric is not helping animal advocacy" within the 2022 CfHAS Serminar Series, Edge Hill University. The recording is available here.

Organizer: Centre for Human-Animal Studies, Edge Hill University Research Centre, United Kingdom

AbstractThis talk will explore whether animal advocacy is losing momentum and strength by using, focusing or merging with the climate crisis action and rhetoric. The climate focus, it will be argued, is not only failing to speed up animal liberation but may be actually disempowering the animal defence movement. To support this view, the author will draw on three main resources: First, results from a research project she coordinated for almost five years about climate change denial and obstructionism; Second, updated thoughts on an examination conducted regarding the effectivity of the environmental frame for animal defence; Third, her current investigation on what triggers compassion, a moral emotion essential for taking action. One of the main concerns addressed by the talk will be the fact that climate action rhetoric has become mainstream empty speech in current tecno-financialised capitalism, which leads to solutions that may just backfire on sentient animal interests.





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