Vés enrere Feminist Animal Studies. Theories, Practices, Politics - Pre-Order Availble

Feminist Animal Studies. Theories, Practices, Politics - Pre-Order Availble

Includes "Fattening solidarity beyond species: the rebellious (body) politics of fat veganism", by Laura Fernández



Laura Fernández has written a chapter in "Feminist Animal Studies Theories, Practices, Politics".

This book explores human–animal relations and species- based domination at the intersection of feminism with critique of our domination and exploitation of nonhuman animals, in conversation with power dynamics around coloniality and race, class, sexuality and embodiment.

The collection demonstrates the continued vital importance of feminism – conceptually and theoretically, methodologically and politically – to the development of animal studies. Feminism has made an incisive critique of the ways in which gender and other intersecting differences and inequalities are constitutive of our destructive, exploitative and often violent relationships with nonhuman worlds. An international group of scholars and activists showcase new work, revisiting and extending established debates while negotiating new paths.

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