Course modules

The Summer School will include the following five modules:

  • The social side of multilingualism
    Katherine Kinzler (Cornell University, Ithaca)

Researchers' workshop

The researchers' workshop offers participants the opportunity to present and discuss their work and receive constructive feedback from the renowned experts present at the summer school.

Workshop chair: Albert Costa, Cristina Baus and Marco Calabria (Pompeu Fabra University)

Participants attending the BSBM15 are kindly invited to submit their contributions for the researchers' workshop, which will be held on Monday afternoon from 15:30 to 19:00. Each contribution should use 15-20 minutes to present pre- or post-doctoral research either in progress or finished, and it will be followed by 5 minutes of discussion. The workshop chair will lead the discussion with the audience.

Proposals should be sent to - when you send the abstract, please make sure that both the subject of the e-mail and the name of the document contain the following information: "BSBM2015_NAME&SURNAME_workshop". The abstracts will be reviewed anonymously. Abstracts can have one or multilpe authors, and length should not exceed 200 words (excluding references).

There will also be a Poster session the same Monday from 14:30 to 15:30.

A certificate will be provided for each presenter.

Abstract submission deadline: March 20 2015

Notification of acceptance: April 1 2015


Monday, September 14

9:30 - 13:30
Learning two languages in the crib: Cognitive effects of bilingualism in infancy
Ágnes Melinda Kovács (Central European University, Budapest)
11:30: Coffee-break

15:30 - 19:00
Researchers' workshop: Albert Costa (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)  

Tuesday, September 15

9:30- 13:30
Studying the input in bilingual acquisition: methodological and theoretical considerations and implications
Annick De Houwer (University of Erfurt, Germany)
11:30: Coffee-break

13:30-15:00: Lunch-break

15:00 - 19:00
How does bilingualism affect utterance production and interpretation?
Istvan Kecskes (State University of New York, Albany)

Wednesday, September 16

9:30 - 13:30
How do the languages we speak shape the ways we think?
Lera Boroditsky (University of California, Santa Barbara)

11:30: Coffee-break
13:30-15:00: Lunch-break 

Thursday, September 17

9:30 - 13:30
Learning from heritage languages
Maria Polinsky (Harvard University)
11:30: Coffee-break

13:30 - 14:00
Certificates and closure

English will be the working language of the Summer  School