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Mathematical and computational models, increasingly present in biomedical research
The Department of Experimental and Health Sciences gathered international experts in quantitative biology on the occasion of the "5 th DCEXS Symposium on Quantitative Biology: a systems-level approach to life" on 21 September.
All set for the 5th Symposium of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences
On Wednesday 21 September, international scientists will gather at the DCEXS to share their findings in the emerging field of quantitative biology.
Barcelona in the spotlight of systems biology
From 16 th to 20 th September, Barcelona hosts the 17 th International Conference on Systems Biology, which will gather together around 700 researchers from 40 different countries.
The 5th Edition of the DCEXS Symposium is near!
Do not miss the latest developments in Systems Biology to be presented on September 21 in the auditorium of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park!
Convocatòria extraordinària d'admissió d'estudiants amb estudis universitaris iniciats pel curs 2016-17
BIB launches its website to boost visibility of Catalan bioinformatic potential
The Bioinformatics Barcelona Association (BIB), formed by more than 80 research groups, counts with Ferran Sanz and David Comas as members of the governing body.
Library/CRAI extended opening hours during examination period
Between Saturday 11th and Tuesday 28th June, during the examination period for the third quarter and with the aim of extending the opening hours, the facilities of the Library/CRAI will extend the opening hours.
A new way of teaching Biology
International experts raise the structure that master's programs in systems biology, the interdisciplinary branch of science that studies using mathematical models present interactions between genes, molecules, cells, tissues and organisms should have.
New medical terms close the trilogy of Catalan medical eponyms
Josep-Eladi Baños and Elena Guardiola present the latest volume of the triology on Catalan medical eponymy from the Dr Esteve Foundation. It is a historic overview of Catalan medicine through eponyms.
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