Accessing e-resources from Off-UPF Campus

Translation by UPF staff

The electronic resources - databases, journals, e-books and dictionaries- to which the UPF Library subscribes can be accessed from outside UPF by means of the Electronic Resources Access Service (or SARE from the Catalan).

The SARE can be accessed by members of the UPF university community in accordance with the terms and conditions of use.

Fletxeta  How to access it

Fletxeta Links to e-resources on the Library and IT Service website will automatically connect to the SARE. Simply enter your Campus Global code and password when prompted.

Fletxeta If you are accessing the SARE from the results page of an external search engine (eg, Google) o a shortcut or bookmark, your must instal the SARE button on your browser. See the instructions.

Fletxeta  Logout

Fletxeta The session times out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Fletxeta The session can also be closed by entering the following URL:

Kindly address any questions to the Centre d'Atenció a l'Usuari (CAU).