Extending WiFi coverage to Aiguader JaumeI buildings

On May 19th it will begin to work three new access points to wireless network on plants -1 of Biblioteca/CRAI, second floor of JaumeI building on the Ciutadella campus and fourth floor of Aiguader 80 building on the Mar Campus.

Pursuant to section 7.3 of the rules for use of wireless network service UPF inform the location of new access points. All users who wish to make comments or suggestions about this extension of coverage may send them to IT building service.

The new location of access points is:

- JaumeI. Planta -1 (Espai Biblioteca/CRAI)
- JaumeI. Planta 2 
- Aiguader 80 Planta 4 (Espais tècnics)