The Library/CRAI offers support in research data management

The Library/CRAI offers a new service of support in research data management. The support is built upon an information guide, a tool to create the Data Management Plan (DMP) and support the publishing of the research data (datasets) in the UPF Digital Repository.  

We highlight the tool to create the Data Management Plan which allows to write and elaborate the DMP in a fast, simple and collaborative way. This online tool is based on the DMP specifications of the Program H2020 projects and it is personalized with some UPF specifications.

In the guide you will find information to publish open research data either in the e-Repositori or either in other thematic repositories.

The Library and IT have adapted the e-Repository to allow publishing the research data to make them more visible and to link them with the related publications.

This new service aims to help researchers to manage more efficiently research data and to accomplish with the requirements of the funding agencies.