Publishing Theses in TDX

Translation by UPF staff


What is TDX  (Theses and Dissertations Online)

TDX (Theses and Dissertations Online) is a digital cooperative repository of doctoral theses presented at some Spanish universities. It allows for remote consultation of the full text of theses over the Internet, additionally allowing the user to construct searches by author, advisor, title, knowledge area, university and department of publication, year of defense, etc.

It is also possible to extract university, department or theses statistics, and to receive alerts of new theses.

Since 2012, all the theses presented in any of the participating universities are included in TDX, according to article 14.5 of the Spanish law RD 99/2011. Prior to this year inclusion was voluntary. However, several campaigns have been undertaken to include as many theses as possible.

The objectives of TDX are:

Arrow To publicise, around the world and on the Internet, the results of university research
Arrow To offer the authors of theses a tool to increase public access to their work, enhancing its visibility
Arrow To improve the cataloguing and bibliographic processes
Arrow To encourage electronic publishing and the use of digital libraries
Arrow To stimulate scientific productivity

TDX forms part of the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations (NDLTD) and uses the interoperability protocol created by Open Archives Initiative (OAI) which allows to increase the visibility of the theses on offering oneself together with other international repositories of theses, like OAIster. From May 2007, TDR incorporates the opion of performing global searches in other Spanish repositories of theses, by using also the OAI protocol.



Publication of theses in  TDX

All the theses read at UPF are included in TDX.

At the moment of the deposit the author must submit a paper copy of the theses, the deposit documentation and also:

- Fill in, sign and submit the Author Declaration.

- Submit the files containing the full text of the doctoral theses. The admitted formats are PDF, Word, LaTex, etc.

- Include a Word file with:

· A summary of the theses in Catalan and/or Spanish, and in English (maximum length of 150 words per summary).

· A list of key words on the contents of the theses in Catalan and/or Spanish, and in English (maximum length of 200 characters in total).

- Provide your personal details so that the Library can contact you once your theses has been entered in TDX.

Once the theses has been approved, the Library proceeds to publish it in PDF format and to enter it in TDX.


Copyright on theses

The theses are included in TDX according to article 14.5 of the Spanish law RD 99/2011 and the article 19.1 of the UPF Normativa académica de los estudios de doctorado.

At the moment of the theses deposit, the author signs an Author Declaration, which among other things states:

- The author is not transferring his/her intellectual property rights, so the author can publish it elsewhere.

- The author decides if he/she wants to disseminate the theses with all rights reserved or with a Creative Commons licence (some rights reserved). See the Creative Commons official website.

- If parts of the theses are under rights held by third parties (published articles), there are stablished channels for restricting the publication of these parts.

- The author can ask for a delayed publication of the theses (6 or 12 months).

If the theses may be affected by problems of technology protection or transfer (patents, confidentiality, etc.), the author should contact the Doctoral program administration before the theses deposit. Special procedures can be necessary.

The integrity of the text is guaranteed by the security options offered by the storage format used, i.e. PDF.




If you are interested in publishing your doctoral theses at TDX or if you need more information, please contact to: (Library)

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