How to present a doctoral thesis in A4 format

On this page you will find instructions for producing and presenting the doctoral thesis in A4 format at UPF. It is compulsory to meet the criteria set forth here.


  • The thesis must be written using the word processing software Microsoft Word, the equivalent in Open Office or LaTeX.
  • When writing the thesis it is essential to follow UPF requirements regarding format.
  • The front and back covers and the spine of the thesis will be designed by the University, and you can print them, together with the body of the thesis, wherever you wish.
  • The doctoral student must submit to the University:
    • 1 paper copys;
    • A CD-ROM with all the computer files used to produce the print-out, for publication in the TDX database (Tesis Doctorals en Xarxa).

Requirements for theses in A4 format

Paper and binding

You have to print on paper to DIN A4 size, preferably recycled (80-100 g) and must be printed on both sides.

For the cover, we recommend you use card of approximately 300 g and give it a laminate gloss finish. The binding technique used should be perfect binding (with adhesive).

Type size and font


For reasons of simplicity, clarity and legibility, it is recommendable to use one of the following fonts:

  • Times New Roman
  • Arial (preferably in upper case)
  • Garamond


Epigraphs, chapter titles and section titles: 16 points.

Body of the thesis: 11 or 12 points, with single spacing or 1.5 spacing.

Figure captions and footnotes: 10 points.

Recommendation for text divisions: see the Llibre d'estil de la UPF (UPF Style Guide). Here you will also find several typographic possibilities to structure your thesis.

Margins and paragraphs

Top, bottom and side margins must be 3 cm.
The margins cannot be used for footnotes.

The first lines of paragraphs should not be indented.


The academic regulations on doctoral studies indicate:

"10.4. Language of the thesis. If the student wishes to present the doctoral thesis in a language other than Catalan, Spanish or English, he or she must seek express permission from the University committee with powers over official postgraduate studies, with the endorsement of the thesis supervisor."

Fletxeta The cover and the title page must show, in Catalan, the words "TESI DOCTORAL UPF / year", followed by the year of presentation, and "Directors de la tesi". The author is responsible for the linguistic quality of the text. Information of interest regarding the language of doctoral theses:



All theses must have the following parts:

Fletxeta Cover (ask with a CAU):
  • Title of the thesis
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Author
  • UPF logo UPF

Fletxeta Portada Title page (first page of the template):

  • Title of the thesis
  • Subtitle (optional)
  • Author
  • Thesis supervisor
  • Thesis department
  • UPF logo

Fletxeta Dedication (optional)

Fletxeta Acknowledgements (optional)

It is recommended that these pages be either unnumbered or numbered using Roman numerals.

Fletxeta Abstract:

  • In two languages, one of them different from the one used in the thesis.
  • Recommended maximum length: 150 words.

Fletxeta  Preface or prologue:

  • Understood as an introduction to the thesis, often to outline its merits or its value, and also to situate it in a particular context and circumstances

Fletxeta Contents:

  • Table of contents of the thesis, showing the parts into which it is divided

Fletxeta List of figures and tables (optional)

Fletxeta Body of the thesis

If the thesis contains an article already published, you must include a previous page containing the bibliographic citation. In this citation, the title of the article should link to the journal website where the abstract and access to the full text are available.

Fletxeta Bibliography:

The bibliographical sources used must be documented using a standard citation format.

The UPF Library offers access to Mendeley, a reference manager and academic social network.  

Fletxeta Index or glossary (optional)

An ordered list of the concepts, names and so on that appear in the thesis, with the necessary indications to locate them. Examples include an alphabetical index, an index of names and a subject index.


Note: The templates are just examples, the only compulsory requirements are the ones in this procedure.


Template for CD-ROM cover (optional)

If you wish to present the theses file in a CD-ROM, you can create the cd cover with this template.


Front and back covers and spine

Design: the covers and the spine will be designed by the UPF La Factoria.


1. Once you have decided the title and the format, open a CAU (choose Tesis doctorals category).

2. Within the following five working days La Factoria will forward to you by email a PDF file with the front and back covers and the spine of your thesis, ready for printing. Also enclosed will be a document with instructions to give to your printer.

3. You can print the whole thesis (front and back covers with spine, title page and the body of the thesis) wherever it suits you best.




Throughout this process, the Library offers the assistance of subject librarians for each department (TDX link). If you have any queries about this procedure please contact

At La Factoria you will find technical assistance on the software and hardware at your disposal.