Study Abroad at UPF


UPF is a young, modern, prestigious public university that runs a first-rate Study Abroad Programme designed to surpass the expectations of highly demanding students and student advisors. Granted Campus of International Excellence status by the Spanish Ministry of Education, UPF is consistently ranked among the top European universities.

Since being founded in 1990, UPF has built up a strong reputation in the fields of social sciences, humanities, information and communication technologies, and health and life sciences. The institution offers a rich variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the disciplines in question, taught by engaged, highly rated lecturers.

Centrally located in Barcelona, UPF is deeply committed to improving society by contributing to research, innovation and the training of highly employable young professionals with a wide-ranging, international outlook.

The institution applies the same principles and standards to its Study Abroad Programme. Participating international students will become part of the UPF community, work alongside the University's students and contribute to enhancing the fine reputation that UPF and its Study Abroad Programme have earned over the years. Welcome aboard!