The Research Team from Argentina presented their publication
On December 6th 2012 took place in La Plata, the launch of the book: Information and Communication Technologies and social change: the impact of access to computers and Internet in Argentina, Chile and Peru
Presentation of the book Technology and Social Change
Research gropus of the Amy Mahan Program in Latin America have presented their research results
The chilean team presented their results during the Anual Meeting of the Chilean Society on Public Policies.
The chilean team has presented their paper on " The impact of public access in two telecenters:social  ICT  appropriation on chilean women.

ICTD London 2010
Eight Amy Mahan Fellows, four Research Advisors, the Program Director and the Program Officer attended the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies, hosted by the ICT4D Collective at Royal Holloway, University of London, in December 2010.
Chilean fellows attented the International Conference on Gender Equity Policies
Alejandra Phillippi and Patricia Peña, fellows of the Amy Mahan Project, visited Buenos Aires to participate in this conference organized by the department of Gender, Society and Policies of the Latinoamerican faculty on Social Sciences.
Amy Mahan Workshop
Principal Investigators of the research teams met at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Barcelona on April 27 to undergo a 4-day research orientation workshop.