Fellowships Awarded

Teams selected as Amy Mahan Research Fellows:


Principal Investigator: Dr. Nor Aziah Alias.

Associate Investigators: Izaham Shah Ismail, Haziah Jamaludin and Sulaiman Hashim.

Support Institution: Universiti Teknologi Mara.

Team based in Malaysia.

Rural Internet Centres (RICs) Patterns of Utilisation and its Impact on the Users’ Sense of Connectedness.

Principal Investigator: Sebastián Benítez.

Associate Investigators: Carolina Aguerre, Marina Calamari, Ariel Fontecoba, Miguel Enrique Gaztañaga, Marina Moguillansky, Jimena Ochuela, Jimena Ponce de León and Rosalía Wincour Ipaguirre.

Support Institution: Universidad Nacional de la Plata.

Team based in Argentina.

The Impact of Public Access to ICT on Lower Class Urban Youth in Argentina.

Principal Investigator: Jorge Bossio.

Associate Investigators:Juan Bossio and Laura León.

Support Institution: Instituto de Estudios Peruanos.

Team based in Peru.

Impact of public Internet access on the strengthening of social organisation in the Peruvian Andes.

Principal Investigator: Nikos Dacanay

Associate Investigators: Malut Feranil, Ryan Silverio and Mai Taqueban.

Support Institution: Women's Education for Advancement and Empowerment.

Team based in Thailand.

The Internet Shop/Centres: Empowering Women Migrant Workers and Refugees in Thailand.


Principal Investigator: Jean Damascène Mazimpaka.

Associate Investigator: Theodomir Mugiraneza.

Support Institution:National University of Rwanda.

Team based in Rwanda.

Public access to IT skills and users’ job prospects.


Principal Investigator: Alejandra Phillippi.

Associate Investigator:Patricia Peña Miranda

Support Institution: Universidad Diego Portales

Team based in Chile.

Women and New Technologies in Chile: the Impact of community and public access on digital gender inclusion.


Principal Investigator:Ghaleb Rabab’ah.

Associate Investigators:Ali Farhan Abuseileek, Omar Frehat and Saif Rababah.

Support Institution: University of Jordan.

Team based in Jordan.

The Socio-economic Impact of Internet Cafés on the Jordanian Community.


Principal Investigator: Wei Shang.

Associate Investigators: Guoxin Li, Xuemei Jiang, Oluwasefunmi Arogundade, Jianbin Hao and Xiaoguang Yang.

Support Institution: Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science.

Team based in China.

Understanding Cybercafe Users’ Willingness to Pay in Mainland China.


Principal Investigator: Balwant Singh Mehta.

Associate Investigators: Prem Kant Mishra and Sunil Kumar Mishra.

Support Institution: Institute for Human Development.

Team based in India.

Nature and Impact of Shared Public Access to Internet - Towns and Rural Areas in Developing Countries: a case of cybercafés and telecentres in India.


Principal Investigator: Sylvie Siyam

Associate Investigators: Aristide Eyinga, Serge Kuate, Avis Momeni and Olga Tsafack.

Support Institution: PROTEGE QV.

Team based in Cameroon.

Multipurpose Community Telecentres: tools for improving universal access and change in rural Cameroon.


Principal Investigator:Haroon Sseguya

Associate Investigator: Musa Kigundu, Sandra Massali, Sara Nalwoga and Ndaula Sulah.

Support Institution:UgaBYTES Initiative

Team based in Uganda.

Influence of Network Roles on Public Access ICT Venue Capacities on Uganda.


Principal Investigator: Simon Yalams.

Associate Investigator: Haldane Johnson, Cynthia Onyefulu and Christopher Udeana.

Support Institution: University Technology Jamaica.

Team based in Jamaica.

An Assessment of the Impact of Commercial Internet Centres (Cybercafés) on Users in Jamaica.