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Amy Mahan Research Fellowship Program to Assess the Impact of Public Access to ICTs

The Amy Mahan Fellowship Program was operational from October 2009 through April 2012. It was supported by Canada's International Development Research Center (IDRC), and implemented by Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain, in collaboration with scholars from Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina and the University of the Philippines and South Africa's LINK Centre at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. Its principal objectives were to deepen the capacity of emerging scholars from developing countries and increase the amount of quality research in the area of public access to ICT. The program was named in honor of Amy Mahan, a distinguished colleague and dear friend who was active in the field of ICT for development until her passing on 5 March 2009.

Twelve fellowships were awarded to teams of emerging scholars from Africa and the Middle East, the Asia Pacific region and Latin America and the Caribbean. Each research team selected was awarded a grant and specialized mentoring support to enable the realization of an original research study that addressed one or more critical research questions regarding the impact of public access to ICT.


Program activities are described in two documents, an interim report covering the first six months when the twelve fellows were selected, and a final report on subsequent research activities. Research working papers and publications are available here.