The following list is a selection of some of RECSM members' recent publications.  To view a member's complete list of publications, please refer to his/her personal website and/or CV.

Forthcoming / In press

BALBO, N. and ARPINO, B. (Forthcoming) "The role of family orientations in shaping the effect of fertility on subjective wellbeing: a propensity score matching analysis". Forthcoming in Demography.

ARPINO, B., and BORDONE V. (Forthcoming) "Regular provision of grandchild care and participation in social activities "Forthcoming in Review of Economics of the Household. Published online  before print January 21, 2013, doi:10.1007/s11150-016-9322-4.

ARPINO, B. and CANNAS, M. (Forthcoming) "Propensity score matching with clustered data. An application to the estimation of the impact of caesarean section of the Apgar score." Forthcoming in Statistics in Medicine. Published online before print February 1, 2016, doi: 10.1002/sim.6880.

ARPINO, B. and MATTEI, A. (Fothcoming) "Assessing the Causal Effects of Financial Aids to Firms in Tuscany allowing for Interference". Forthcoming in The Annals of Applied Statistics. available on-line before print. ("next issues")

BORDONE, V. and ARPINO, B. (Forthcoming) "Do grandchildren influence how old you feel?" Forthcoming in Journal of Aging and Health. Published online before print December 9, 2015, doi:10.1177/0898264315618920.

BORDONE, V., ARPINO, B., and AASSVE A. (Forthcoming) "Patterns of grandparental childcare across Europe: the role of the policy context and working mothers' need" Forthcoming in Ageing & Society.

BAIZÁN, P., ARPINO, B., DELCLÓS, C.E. (Forthcoming) "The efffect of gender policies on fertility: The moderating role of education and normative context". Forthcoming in European Journal of Population.

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SALVADOR, M. i RIBA, C. (forthcoming) "Epistemic Communities and Service Delivery Choices in Spanish Municipal Administrations" Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis.

BALLART, X. and RIBA, C.  (2015) "La 'motivación para el servicio público' de los altos funcionarios españoles. Medida y efectos" Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas (accepted for publication )

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