Studying at UPF

UPF's teaching model requires a high degree of commitment to your studies, but it places at your disposal many tools and resources to assist you in this undertaking.

At UPF you will obtain support from the Mobility and Welcome Offices (OMAs) and from your Exchange Coordinator. OMAs had been created to inform and to provide assistance to all exchange students coming to UPF. They will help to you prior your arrival until the end of your stay. Also for every study there is a teacher called "exchange coordinator" in charge of exchange students that will give advice about academic matters.

You can download the complete Welcome to UPF Handbook (pdf) or get a brief outline of our academic system by reading this short FAQ list:

1. How long does a degree take at UPF?
The UPF has been one of the pioneer institutions in the implementation of the Bologna process in Spain. In the academic year 2009-2010, all UPF undergraduate studies started to gradually replace their licenciaturas and diplomaturas for the new grados. Nowadays, all degrees have been fully adapted to this system.

2. How long does each subject take at UPF?
UPF has term-long subjects. This system facilitates the continual learning process and a more effective evaluation of the knowledge acquired. In some special cases, some subjects lasts more than one term. In this case you have to attend all the terms, and its not possible to take only a part of the subject.

3. How is the academic year structured at UPF?
The academic year at UPF is structured around three terms. The academic year begins in late September and lasts until June, with three vacation periods: Christmas, from late December to early January; Easter, between late March and mid-April, and the summer vacation period. The terms at UPF are structured around ten weeks of classes, two weeks for examinations and the corresponding vacation period.
Please, check the 2013-2014 academic year calendar.

4. What are the class timetables?
You will find inside the academic offer.

5. Enrolment
The enrolment to the chosen subjects must be done during a period of time before the beginning of each term. Students studying at UPF as part of an exchange programme (LLP/Erasmus or a bilateral agreement) with provision to the effect, do not have to pay university fees, although they are required to enrol. You will do the enrolment directly in the OMA offices.

Check the academic offer.

IMPORTANT: It is essential to have enroled in order to obtain the certificate of your academic record at UPF.This certificate will be sent to the International Relations Office of your home university some days after the end of your stay.