Arcadi Navarro grateful for the acknowledgement that comes from receiving 'María de Maeztu' distinction as a Unit of Research Excellence
The director of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences at UPF collected the distinction last week from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness accompanied by Jaume Casals, rector of the University.
UPF obtains 66 mobility grants under the new Erasmus+ KA107 programme
The rants will be announced during the first term of the 2015-16 academic year, with the aim of covering academic stays that will take place over the next two academic years, 2015-16 and 2016-17.
The European Commission publishes a report on indicators for promoting Responsible Research and Innovation
The report offers a wide range of indicators for the different areas of RRI, but also warns that if RRI are only treated as a set of numerical indicators, they is likely to lose their transformative potential and become merely a bureaucratic ritual.
The Bioinformatics Barcelona Association is created
Arcadi Navarro, director of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences, is a member of the first governing board of the organization that aims to act as a catalyst for initiatives in advanced research, and knowledge and technology transfer.
CardioFunXion, the first European industrial PhD programme, coordinated by UPF with the company Philips
In the search for a novel paradigm for heart function, a project co-directed by Bart Bijnens, head of the PhySense research group, has been elected European industrial PhD programme within the Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions of H2020, the first at UPF and one of the few existing in Spain.
The UPF renders accounts to society on the occasion of its 25th anniversary
Jaume Casals, rector of Pompeu Fabra University, has reviewed the institution's 25 years of history and mapped out UPF's main path for the future in the appearance before the Education and Universities Committee of the Parliament of Catalonia.
Registrations open for UPF's first MOOC on the FutureLearn platform
The aim of the course, organized by Dolors Folch, emeritus lecturer of Chinese History at UPF, is to place the history of China and of Europe in a global context in order to understand the origins and the persistence of stereotypes about the country that still exist in Europe.
UPF becomes the first university in the Spanish State to have an ATM for the Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet
The main objective is to promote reflection concerning the Bitcoin world, because it combines activities both in the technological and in the social fields relating to the use of digital currencies, through areas such as economics, law and sociology.
Another six postdoctoral researchers are to join the UPFellows programme

Within the Marie Curie COFUND action of the 7 th Framework Programme, these young scientists will be working in research groups of the departments of Economics and Business, Information and Communication Technologies, and Experimental and Health Sciences.

UPF is one of the most efficient universities in Spain, according to the ranking of the CyD Foundation
UPF is considered one of the two most efficient Spanish universities in Europe, according to the second edition of the State university ranking by the Knowledge and Development Foundation  (CyD), involving sixty public and private centres.
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