Incorporation in the IMISCOE network

GRITIM-UPF has joined the IMISCOE (International Migration, Integration, and Social Cohesion), a research network consisting of twenty-eight European research centres working in the field of immigration, based at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). The UPF is the first public university in the State that has been accepted as a member by a large majority and the first in Catalonia. The University of Deusto (Bilbao) and the Universidad Pontificia Comillas (Madrid) are also part of IMISCOE.

Among the 28 members of IMISCOE there are Research Centres like the European University Institute (Italy), the IMES (Amsterdam University), the INED (France) or the CEDEM (University of Liège).

IMISCOE is interested in the causes and nature of current migration processes and their management to achieve social cohesion. The network was created with three main objectives: to create a joint research program on migration, integration and social cohesion; to develop a specific training in this field both in academic and other social sectors equally involved in immigration and finally to develop a diffusion system that reaches a wide sector of the population, as well as governments and nongovernmental organizations.

This framework will help to consolidate the goals and pillars of GRITIM-UPF, which are multidisciplinarity and innovation in research, training, and knowledge transfer, as well as to open new opportunities for joint actions at the highest European level.

More information about IMISCOE: www.imiscoe.org