Dra. Julia López López

Doctor in Law
Professor of Labor Law and Social Security Law
Head of the Area of Labor Law and Social Security Law

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Area of Labour Law and Social Security Law

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Biography note

Julia Lopez is Professor of Labor Law and Social Security Law at the Pompeu Fabra University Law School in Barcelona, Spain since 1996. She has also been a visiting scholar at the Nanovic Institute of the University of Notre Dame on an annual basis since 2003. She has been affiliated with the University of Rome, the University of Paris-Nanterre II, the Institute of European Studies of the Free University of Brussels and the University of Naples. She is also member of the steering committee of the Labour Law Research Network, and was part of the organizing committee of the Inaugural Conference held in June 13-15, 2013 in Barcelona.

She has recently participated in research projects on precarious work and social rights led by the Working Lives Research Institute (London Metropolitan University) and funded by the European Commission, and led a project, financed by the Spanish Minsitry of Economy and Competitiveness, on the notion of worker and segmentation of social rights. Currently she is leading, together with Consuelo Chacartegui Jávega, a project on New Governance Institutions in the Work Arena, with the financial support of the same Minsitry.

She has also taken part in the following events:

  • López López, J. (2016) "Responding to anti-union legal reforms: labor movement strategies in contemporary Spain". In  "International Meeting on Barriers to Union Organizing". Fundazione Giuseppe Pera, 11 març 2016.
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  • López López, J. (2012), "Strategies Against Demutualization - The ETUC Approach"  Congress: Resocialising Europe and the mutualization of risks to workers. Londres: University College of London. 15-16 maig 2012 http://www.resocialisingeurope.org/
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  • López López, J. (2010) (with a paper of Chelo Chacartegui, Cesar G. Cantón and herself) participating in the Russell Sage Foundation's Conference Employment Regulation After the Standard Contract of Employment:  Innovations in Regulatory  Design Bellagio Conference Center, September 20 - 24, 2010
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  • López López, J. (2009) "Soft and hard law: hybridization in labour law regulation" (with González Cantón, C.) Workshop: Goals and Challenges for Labour Law: A comparative reflection. Coordinado por Julia López López dentro del marco del proyecto I+D+I MEC-SEJ2006-00456. UPF, Barcelona, 10 de julio de 200
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Currently, she is an expert evaluator of the  ERC Starting Grant Call 2015 (European Research Council, 2015) and the Call "Grants and Fellowships 2016" (Fund for Scientific Research - FRNS, Belgium, 2016)

Research lines

  • Judicialization of labour rights and international norms.
  • Equality and Gender policies.
  • Labour Law and social function




Important recent publications are:

  • LÓPEZ LÓPEZ, J.; "The Regulation of Temporary Immigration as Part of New Forms of the Supply Chain: Segmenting Labour Rights for Workers", in Owens, R. y Howe J. (eds.) Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Changes, Hart Publishing, Forthcoming 2016.
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