Dr.eur. Eusebi Colàs-Neila

European Ph.D. in Law
Tenure-track Lecturer
Academic director of the Bachelor's degree programme in Labour Relations
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Biography note

Eusebi Colàs-Neila is Bachelor in Law and obtained a Diploma of Advanced Studies and an European Ph.D. from the Pompeu Fabra University. AQU-Catalunya has recognised him one merit in research and two merits in teaching, as well as favourables reports for the teaching staff positions of collaborating lecturer, tenure-track lecturer and tenured assistant professor.

He also taught at the Carlos III University of Madrid and was tutor of the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia in Barcelona, consultant of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and academic tutor of the Master in Labour and Social Security Law at the IDEC-UPF. He has taught courses in postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs on different subjects related with his discipline: individual and collective labour law, social security, labour procedural law and european and comparative labour law.

Since 2013, he is the Academic director of the Bachelor's degree programme in Labour Relations. He previously held the positions of Academic secretary of the Labour Relations School and Academic coordinator of the Bachelor's degree programme in Labour Relations.

He has participated in several national and international competitive research projects. His scientific output includes a book, diverse articles in scientific journals, contributions to collective books and contributions to domestic and international congresses, workshops and seminars. He has been a visiting researcher at the Istituto di Studi del Lavoro (University of Milan), at the Instituto de Derecho Humanos 'Bartolomé de las Casas' (Carlos III University of Madrid) and at the Centro di Studi di Diritto del Lavoro Europeo 'Massimo d'Antona' (University of Catania). He has obtained various research awards, both individual and collective. 

He has recently been a member of the local team that organized the Labour Law Research Network Inaugural Conference. He is currently involved in the research project 'Future Directions in EU Labour Law', organised by Dr. Jeremias Prassl and funde by a Brithish Academy Rising Star Engagement Award. 

Research lines

His current research interests are related to:

  • ICT's impact on workers' rights.
  • The Spanish pension reforms in the European economic governance framework.


This academic year he is teaching the following courses:

  • Derecho de la Protección Social at the Degree in Labour Relations.
  • Derecho de la Seguridad Social II at the Degree in Labour Relations.
  • Litigación laboral at the Ll. M. in Professional Legal Practice.
  • European and global labour regulations at the Legal Sciences-MLL.
  • Políticas de empleo y Derecho del Trabajo at the Legal Sciences-MLL.


His most recent publications are: 

  • Colàs-Neila, E. (2016): 'Reconfiguring the Employment-Pension Connection in Times of Austerity', European Labour Law Journal, forthcoming. 
  • Colàs-Neila, E. (2014): 'El Estatuto del estudiante y las becas: límites del Derecho laboral', in J. López (coord.): Los Estatutos de los Trabajadores: Papel de las normas y la jurisprudencia en su formulación. Lex Nova Thomson-Reuters. P. 123-153 [ISBN: 978-84-9898-887-1]. 
  • Colàs-Neila, E. (2013): 'Emerging threats and opportunities for collective labour rights in the digital age - The Spanish Case'. International Journal of Business and Social Research, Vol. 3, No. 10 [ISSN: 2164-2559 (Online) 2164-2540 (Print)]. 
  • Colàs-Neila, E. (2013): 'La financiación del sistema de autonomía y atención a la dependencia', in S. González Ortega (dir.): La aplicación de la Ley de Dependencia en España. Madrid: Consejo Económico y Social. P. 99-166 [ISBN: 978-84-8188-336-7]. 
  • Colàs-Neila, E. (2012): Derechos fundamentales del trabajador en la era digital: una propuesta metodológica para su eficacia. Las comunicaciones electrónicas en la empresa como estudio de caso. Albacete: Bomarzo. 312 p. [ISBN: 978-84-15000-82-2]. 
  • Colàs-Neila, E. (2011): 'La aplicación de la normativa internacional en materia de huelga por la jurisprudencia española', in J. López, B. Caruso, M. Freedland and K. Stone (coord.): La aplicación de los convenios de la OIT por los jueces nacionales: el caso español desde una perspectiva comparada. Albacete: Bomarzo. P. 193-212 [ISBN: 978-84-15000-37-2].