Job Opportunities


One of the main concerns - if not the main concern - of students who are about to finish their undergraduate or postgraduate studies is finding a job.

Nine out of every ten UPF students who finish their degree courses find a job within six months after graduating, and 73.4% of UPF graduates with jobs are employed in areas directly related to the degrees they have studied.

UPF has a full Careers Centre (Oficina de Inserción Laboral) which provides information and training related to the professional environment. The Centre also offers students:

- work placements in companies, enabling students to put knowledge acquired at the university to practical use in a company or institution, and have their first experience of work.

- company presentation sessions, which not only enable students to have direct contact with relevant firms and bodies in the current market through presentations given by the organisations themselves, but also helps the latter to attract job candidates.

During the academic year the Careers Centre organises a set of activities which facilitate direct contact between students and relevant firms and bodies in the job market.

Within the framework of these activities, which are grouped together under the general name of Meetings with the Business World, prospective employers can present their organisations, and even go on to attract candidates for jobs, to an audience of teaching staff and future university graduates who are interested in developing professionally and who possess initiative, analytical capacity, aptitude for teamwork,  knowledge of foreign languages, are used to working with ICT and have a sound educational background.

- training and guidance sessions, which provide useful tools for improving personal aptitudes, either for entering the job market or for use in the future should there be changes in your job or should you switch profession.

- information sessions about professional opportunities, which inform final year students of the different professional options furnished by their degree. The sessions are presented by a variety of professionals from the legal world (judges, notaries, registrars, diplomats, state lawyers, tax inspectors, lawyers specialising in different areas of law) and students have the opportunity to ask the guests questions of any kind.

- a wide range of informative resources, useful links related to seeking work, job orientation, working abroad, exchange programmes, grants, official assistance, examination sessions, Autonomous Community placement services, websites containing job offers, temporary work, telephone work, academic orientation, careers advice, being self-employed and setting up a business.

- a Job Exchange, which matches graduates' job requirements with offers of work received by the University. The Job Exchange's relationship with companies, public institutions and professions is based on establishing useful communication mechanisms to obtain the professional profiles which are most appropriate for their needs, in an environment of maximum efficiency and confidentiality. The hub of these communication mechanisms is the Job Campus (Campus Trabajo) a virtual area where users and companies have personal and immediate access to the different services.

The Job Exchange offers the following services:

- publication of advertisements: choosing the "Publish advertisement" option on the Job Campus enables you to request the publication of your advertisement on the University vacancies list. Interested candidates can send their CVs (unfiltered) straight to you.

- CV self-search: going into the Job Campus enables you to search the CVs there for the profile which most interests you. Once the search is completed, you can request selected candidates' contact details by filling in a form which you will find by clicking on the "Contact details" option on the menu.

The University will send you a list of these details as soon as possible so that you can inform candidates of the details of your vacancy and confirm their availability

- candidate short listing: filling in the "Job offer" form on the Job Campus enables you to describe in detail the type of person your organisation is looking for.

The University staff will carry out the search for you and then send you the up-to-date CVs of the most ideal candidates who are interested in the job

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