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RAPID-MIX kickoff meeting held successfully in Barcelona
The newly started European Innovation Action aims to provide natural and intuitive pathways between human expressivity and technology and bringing those innovations out of the lab by integrating them into real products within the field of music, gaming and wellbeing applications.
Next Thesis Defense: RICCARDO ZUCCA
PhD Student: RICCARDO ZUCCA  Title: The anatomical, physiological and computational principles of adaptive ​learning in the cerebellum: micro and macrocircuits of the brain. Supervisor: Dr. Paul F. M. J. Verschure
Doctoral Student Workshop

PhD students, especially those who submitted their thesis proposal during 2014, will have the opportunity to present their work to the Doctoral Student Workshop - former PhD poster session- that will take place on March 20,  at the Sala Polivalent.

Summer school on nonlinear PDE's and applications to image analysis. A scientific tribute to Vicent Caselles

A summer school has been organized in memory of Vicent Casellas one of our dear professors, head of the Image Processing Group and outstanding mathematician that passed away in the summer of 2013. Its aim is to train students in topics related with mathematical analysis, geometry and image processing and interpretation.

Juan Calvo and Gloria Haro are among the organizers.
The BWR Game in 3D on iPhone6 and iPad3

The Barcelona World Race (http://www.barcelonaworldrace.org/en/), a regatta in which two-crew racing boats sail around the world non-stop, has been going since 31st December 2014. After several days in the lead, the Hugo Boss boat has been forced to retire after breaking its mainmast.

A new WiFi standard for sensor networks as technological pillar of smart cities
Developed by members of the research group NeTS (DTIC) and published in the  IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine.
A research-intensive university
UPF's results in the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme validate the institution's strategy of promoting research. With 1% of the Spanish university system's teaching staff, UPF obtained 10% of all the funding with which the European Commission (EC) provided Spain's universities through this program. 
Interview with Emilia Gómez: "PHENICX is a new way of experiencing a classical music concert"
Member of the Music Technology Research Group (MTG) and the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at Pompeu Fabra University, Emilia Gómez is the lead researcher of PHENICX, a project formed by seven european partners and funded by the European Commission within the 7th. Framework Programme. 
Adrianus Johannes Geers  will defense his doctoral thesis titled "Hemodynamic Modeling of Cerebral Aneurysms" on January , 12th, at 10:30 hours, at room 55.309 of Tanger building. 22
Next Thesis Defense: Encarni Marcos
Encarni Marcos  will defense her doctoral thesis titled "Embodied Decision Making and its Neural Substrate" on December , 12th, at 11:00 hours, at room 55.309 of Tanger building. 22
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