Seminar in Youtube: Research highlights in my journey within the field of Sound and Music Computing , by Xavier Serra.
On June 4, Xavier Serra, professor of DTIC and Director of the Music Technology Group ( MTG ), gave a lecture in the series of DTIC Integrative Research Seminars, for the entire university community.
Seminar by John Chowning on his computer music works
John Chowning, father of FM synthesis and Computer Music Pioneer, will give a talk on "Composing music from the inside-out" on Monday June 15th at 15:00h in the Auditorium - Communication Campus of the UPF. He will also participate in a   round table on June 16th at 18:30h at the Barcelona Music Museum where his piece "Voices" will also be performed.
A computational model of brain activity is able to learn to decide
Produced and presented within the framework of the European project BrainScaleS by Etienne Hugues, a researcher of the team led by Gustavo Deco, ICREA research professor and director of the Center for Brain and Cognition at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies.
Nikolaos Makriyannis participated in the the twelfth Theory of Cryptography Conference (TCC 2015) held in Warsaw
The conference is organized by the International Association for Cryptologic Research (IACR) and deals with the paradigms, approaches and techniques used to conceptualize, define and provide solutions to natural cryptographic problems.
Should Digital Technologies Change the way we teach?
Hugh C. Davis, Professor of Learning Technologies at the University of Southampton, delivers a seminar entitled "Should Digital Technologies Change the way we teach?" . This talk will be held at Sala Polivalent -  Mercè Rodoreda building ,  on Tuesday 9 May at 4 pm. 
Sketching through the body: Full-Body Interaction Workshop! June 12th from 10 to 14!
We invite designers, educators and professionals in Barcelona to participate in the design process of an interactive full-body experience. The aim of the workshop is to reflect upon techniques based on somatic practices and new interaction design concepts for full-body experiences in public spaces in the context of the city of Barcelona. 
Best presentation at SCCG'15
IMPART researcher Dr. Alun Evans, working at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, recently won 'Best Presentation' for his paper "3D Graphics on the Web: A Survey", at the 31st Spring Conference in Computer Graphics. The paper was originally published in the journal Computers & Graphics in 2014, and its popularity among the research communinity resulted in Alun being invited to present the work at the SCCG, one of the oldest conferences and best knonwn in the graphics community.
Laura Becerra participated in the 7th International IEEE Conference on Neural Engineering (NER).
Laura Becerra, member of the Biomedical Electronics Research Group BERG leaded by Antoni Ivorra, participated in the conference with a travel grant provided by the DTIC and presented the article "Bidirectional Communications in Wireless Microstimulators Based on Electronic Rectification of Epidermically Applied Currents.
Looking for advanced postgraduate training in iCT?
Looking for advanced postgraduate training in iCT? Luz Rello & S. Acin give you reasons to choose UPF Barcelona!
Doctoral Student Workshop will take place on March, 20th
PhD students, especially those that submitted their thesis proposal during 2014, will have the opportunity to present their work at the Doctoral Student Workshop - former PhD poster session- that will take place on March, 20th at the Sala Polivalent.
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