Cristina Pujades Corbi

PhD, Principal Investigator
Associate Professor (Professor Titular)
Department of Experimental and Health Sciences

Universitat Pompeu Fabra
PRBB, Dr Aiguader 88
08003 Barcelona, Spain


Biography note

Academic degrees:

  • 1986            Licenciatura en Biología, University of Barcelona 
  • 1991            PhD in Biology, University of Barcelona

Research Experience:   

  • 1987-91        PhD student, Universitat de Barcelona
  • 1991-95        Postdoctoral fellow, DFCI-Harvard Medical School, Boston
  • 1995-99        Postdoctoral fellow, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
  • 1999-2007     Maître de Conférences, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris
  • 2002-06        Ramón y Cajal Researcher, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
  • From 2007      Profesor Titular, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona   

Awards and fellowships:

  • 2007            I3 award for the intensification of the research activity, UPF
  • 1997-99       Postdoctoral fellowship of Tranining and Mobility of Researchers from EU (Marie-Curie fellowship)
  • 1995-97       Postdoctoral longterm fellowship from Human Frontiers Science Program
  • 1994            Post-doctoral fellowship from Lady Tata Trust (UK)
  • 1991-93       Postdoctoral long term fellowship from Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia (Spain) 

Research lines

We are interested in understanding how sensory inputs from the inner ear are conveyed and relayed into the hindbrain, and how neural circuits are then established within the brain. Our approach has been to dissect how neural elements of both structures are generated upon morphogenesis, in order to undarstand how they can connect later on. We use zebrafish embryos because they allow us to combine genetic tools with high resolution imaging techniques. We think this approach will provide us understanding in different biological processes such as patterning and morphogenesis, andreveal principles underlying how the circuits in the brain produce behavior. 


  • Graduate studies

Biología del Desarrollo, 2nd year Biología Humana, UPF (lecturer)
Biología Molecular y Celular 3, 1 st year Ingeniería Biomédica, UPF (coordinator and lecturer)

  • Postgraduate studies
Model Organisms in Biomedical Research, Master in Biomedical Research, DCEXS-UPF (coordinator and lecturer) 
Neural Development, Master in Neurosciences, UB (invited lecturer) 
Advanced Techniques in Genetic Engineering, Master in Genetics and Developmental Biology, UB (invited lecturer)
Experimental Models in Translational Genetics, Master in Translational Medicine, UB (invited lecturer)
Embryology, Master in Genetic Counseling, IDEC (invited lecturer)



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PRBB Biojunior, 2015

Fira de la Recerca en Directe: Seguint el llinatge cel.lular in vivo: com podem veure la dinàmica de les cèl•lules durant el seu desenvolupament embrionari?, 2015

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Scientific coffee: El ratolí, la mosca I l’home. Casa Orlandai, 2010

Collaborator in Escolab 2010, ICUB (Institut de Cultura de Barcelona)

Invited seminar: Desenvolupament del SNC: receptes i plànols per fer un cervell, Brain Awareness Week 2010

Invited speaker in the Observatori Fabra within the framework Nits amb estrelles, Barcelona 2009 

Author of a child book within the collection Tu també pots ser investigador: Receptes i plànols per fer un organisme

Collaborator in Vine al labo 2007, Societat Catalana de Biologia

Invited speaker in the summer course of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra Gènere i ciencia. Barcelona 2007

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Editor of issue 26 of Transversal (Ajuntament de Lleida). Dues mirades: art i ciència, june 2005 

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Collaborator in the Fira Viu la Ciència Contemporànea 2003, Societat Catalana de Biologia 

Collaborator of the on-line journal Barcelona Review: l’home que va confondre la seva dona per un barret, O Sacks

Collaborator of the magazine of contemporary culture Transversal (Ajuntament de Lleida), issue 22

Collaborator of the on-line journal Percepnet

Collaborator of the journal Médicos al día (Chile)

Collaborator of the on-line journal Biomedia (Observatori de la Comunicació Científica, UPF)