Creighton, Mathew

Political and Socials Sciences
(Tenure-track) Assistant Professor

Office: 20.106

Address :
Jaume I building
Ramon Trias Fargas 25-27
08005 - Barcelona

Tel.:(34) 93 542 2524

Fax.: (34) 93 542 2372

Skype (de EEUU): (347) 248 2372


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Biography note

My work is concerned with the causes and consequences of immigration.  In the context of origin, I consider the role if absent parents in schooling and the link between networks, decisions to migrate and health.  In the context of destination, I focus on anti-immigrant sentiment and the implication of social incorporation for health inequality.  Currently, my research is  concerned with the formation of the “other”, focusing on attitudes toward religion and immigration.  When possible, I use experimental methodology to directly test social theory.  My work has been  published in peer-reviewed journals in sociology, demography, public health, history, urban studies and political science.  I participate in a number of externally funded research projects, both completed and ongoing, in health, identity, migration, fertility and domestic violence. 

I teach a variety of  courses, both graduate and undergraduate, on topics ranging from social theory to research design, statistics and quantitative methodology.  I direct numerous undergraduate and masters theses and I currently have three  PhD students of whom I am very fond. 

I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 with a joint PhD in sociology and demography.  Before accepting my current position in the  Department of Political and Social Science at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in 2010, I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Office of Population Research at Princeton University.

Research lines

Identity, Migration, Networks, Family Structure, Educational Stratification, Health Disparities


A list of my courses, both past and present can be found on my webpage.


Please visit my webpage for a list of my publications and current research.