Thesis Seminar

Within its Ph.D. programme, the Department of Political Science and Sociology organises a Research Seminar with the aim of easing the completion of the Ph.Dissertations. Students who have successfully completed their research proposal should present their work there at least once a year.


The research seminar is presently coordinated by the next professors: Prof. Clara Cortina Trilla, Prof. Jorge Rodriguez Menes & Prof. Sebastià Sarasa Urdiola. Along with their Ph.D. students and their supervisors, the coordinator of the Research Seminar establishes a calendar of presentations at the beginning of the academic year. Research Seminars usually take place every fortnight.

Faculty in the department and Ph.D students are invited to attend the seminars, and special emphasis is made in the attendance of supervisors and faculty who are are specialised in the area or topic of research of the Ph.D. student, both in the department and in other departments of the university.

The Ph.D. student should send the draft to be discussed one week in advance of the seminar, so that the coordinator of the research seminar distributes it among the faculty and Ph.D. students. After the seminar is held, the coordinator compiles his own comments, as well as the comments of the rest of the attendants to the seminar, into a document that is sent to the student and his/her supervisor. This document is expected to be a helpful tool to aid the Ph.D. student and his/her supervisor to save time and energies for the completion of the Ph.D. dissertation.

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