BIANA, a software framework that gathers known biological data and is able to infer new interactions.

On January 27, The Journal BMC Bioinformatics published an article about new software application developed by the Structural Bioinformatics Lab, by a team headed by Baldomero Oliva, in the Research Group on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) of UPF-IMIM.

The article “Biana: a software framework for compiling biological interactions and analyzing networks” describes the ability of a new research tool that provides the opportunity to integrate the plentiful biological data available to date, as well as their relationship to each other, in a single feature.

The BIANA interface - an acronym for Biologic Interactions and Network Analysis - joins many other sources of biological information and what makes it even more interesting is the fact that the tool is able to infer  new possibilities of interaction between unknown molecules from proteins and genes’ known interactions. A unique feature of the application is that BIANA uses the Cytoscape graphics interface to visualize and manage data in an interactive and easy way. It can also be used in a server with other software created by the group (http://sbi.imim.es/web/servers.php )

BIANA identifies new strategies for fighting against diseases like Alzheimer’s and diabetes

The potential of this new bioinformatics tool is extensive. As an example of its possibilities, when using BIANA, proteins that are involved in serious common diseases such as Alzheimer’s or diabetes can be identified in animal models and can be potential targets for pharmacological treatment.

Biana enables the creation of inte ra ctive networks for all the proteins stored in its database, regardless of their species, and allows predictions to be made based on the homology of sequence or in structural common domains. The result is th e identification of proteins that are possible good therapeutic targets.

The main feature of this platfor m is that it unifies the protocols, analysis and information criteria from the biological data available to researchers that has to date been spread across various databases and under different nomenclatures, which made their study and identification difficult.

BIANA is a product that can be accessed by all the researchers, is easy to use and is available under a GNU General Public License GPL license at http://sbi.imim.es/web/BIANA.php


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