Disability facilities

Translation by UPF staff

If you have physical or learning disabilities and require assistance while accessing our facilities, looking for information or using any of the library or computer services offered by the University, please address this to the library information desk. There, our staff will help you to look for everything you need or show you how to access it.


These are the special facilities available:

  • Mar University Campus Library
    • Easy access for persons with reduced mobility
    • Adapted toilet facilities


To access the services we offer, you can ask for assistance or help from our staff whenever you need to.

We are absolutely committed to give you personal attention to your specific needs, to answer your requests and to adjust the nature of the services we provide to your specific needs.

We also want to highlight some of the services we offer to our users, as they can be especially useful for people with physical or learning difficulties:

You can find more information on the UPF website page Special needs support (in catalan).